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Lowest price in Ostrava starting from 73 CZK, includes:

73 CZK
  • E-mail post notifications
  • E-mail visit notifications
  • Post pickup possible 7 days a week

Free of charge with every service:

  • Professionally tailored website
  • Webhosting for your website
  • .CZ domain

What you'll find here, but nowhere else:

  • ONLINE order, immediate contract
  • Shortest possible period is 6 months
  • Anonymous entry to the office with a chip card

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Ostrava Center headquarters

from 73CZK/month

Tax office: Ostrava I.

Business office: City Hall of Ostrava

Free parking

Cheap meeting room rental

Anonymous access to mail using a chip card

Why have virtual headquarters in Ostrava?

Everyone has headquarters in Praque - tax office controls are focused on these bulk virtual headquarters in Prague.

Since 2015 tax offices strarted to use a exception in the law, namely the use of the delegation institute, which is stipulated in Section 18 of the Tax Code (Act 280/2009 Coll.). The delegation institute allows for the change of the place of jurisdiction of the tax administrator from the official registered office of the company, which has the company registered in the Commercial Register to the place where it actually operates. In practice, it means, that the office can be left on the virtual adress but taxes will be taxed by the tax office in the place of the real company bussiness.

The inconvenience is that a delegated company that is a VAT payer automatically becomes a so-called unreliable payer.

More positives of virtual headquarters in Ostrava

Virtual offices have been gaining popularity lately, thanks to a lot of advantages it brings. Let's mention a few:

1. Lower expenses for rent - Do you work work outside the office often? In this case our service will help you, you'll safe money.

2. Lucrative adress - Lucrative adress will earn you more prestige.

3. Possibility of using the boardroom in the place of a virtual office.

What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is a service, provided for bussinessmen for a purpose of renting the office, that will be listed in the bussiness register. But active usage of the space isn't part of the service, only mail will be delivered to your agreed adress or you can pick it up yourself.

The main advantage of this service is saving money, that you otherwise pay for a rent of a regular office. You also can rent a boardroom in the building, that will be listed in the bussiness register.

Virtual adress from us

Do you plan on realizing your bussiness plan but you don't have enough finance for corporate space? Take advantage of our virtual adress for you company.

The service will provide you a lucrative adress, which is a good start fo your bussiness. It wil safe you the mentioned money and offer you a rent of a boardroom.

Part of this service is also a delivery adress for mail correspondence, which will provide you a minimal concer with authorities.