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Why have virtual headquarters in Ostrava?

In Prague, everyone already has an office - mass virtual offices in Prague are now the focus of financial authority inspections.

Since 2015, the financial authorities have started to use an exception in the law, namely the use of the delegation institute, which is set out in § 18 of the Tax Code (Act No. 280/2009 Coll.). The delegation institute allows for the change of tax administrator jurisdiction from the company's official address registered in the commercial register to the place where it actually carries out its economic activity. In practice, this means that the office can still be located at a virtual address or so-called office house, but taxes will fall under the financial office in the place where the company actually operates.

The inconvenience is that a delegated company, which is a VAT payer, automatically becomes a so-called unreliable payer.

More positives of virtual headquarters in Ostrava

Establishing a virtual office is becoming increasingly popular over time, thanks to the wide range of benefits it offers. Let's mention some advantages that are definitely worth mentioning.

1. Lower costs for renting business premises - Do you primarily work in the field and not at your place of business? In this case, this service can help you, as it allows you to save a significant amount of costs.

2. Prestigious office address - A prestigious office address is a considerable advantage nowadays as it adds more prestige to your company.

3. Possibility to use a meeting room at the virtual office location - When using the above service, you also have the possibility in most cases to use a meeting room at the premises.

What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is a service, provided for bussinessmen for a purpose of renting the office, that will be listed in the bussiness register. But active usage of the space isn't part of the service, only mail will be delivered to your agreed adress or you can pick it up yourself.

The main advantage of this service is saving money, that you otherwise pay for a rent of a regular office. You also can rent a boardroom in the building, that will be listed in the bussiness register.

Virtual adress from us

Are you planning to realize your entrepreneurial project and lack sufficient funds for company premises? Take advantage of our virtual address service for your company.

The service will provide you with a prestigious address, which is a plus at the beginning of your business due to the greater prestige of the company. It will save you the aforementioned costs and offer the possibility to rent a meeting room.

This service also includes a mailing address for postal correspondence, which will provide you with minimal concern regarding official matters.

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